Menstrual hygiene is a crucial aspect of women’s health and well-being, yet many women and girls in Nigeria face significant challenges in accessing affordable sanitary products. With recent price hikes, managing menstrual periods has become even more difficult, leading to health risks and social stigmatization. To address these challenges, Bays Planet Foundation is hosting an open Twitter Space discussion to commemorate Menstrual Hygiene Day 2024. This event aims to bring together individuals from various backgrounds to discuss practical solutions, share experiences, and raise awareness about the impact of high sanitary product prices on menstrual health management.

Link to X-space:


1. Raise Awareness: Highlight the challenges faced by women and girls in managing menstrual hygiene due to the rising costs of sanitary products in Nigeria.

2. Share Practical Solutions: Provide practical tips and alternatives for managing menstrual periods amidst price hikes, including reusable sanitary products and local innovations.

3. Advocacy: Advocate for policy changes and support from government and non-governmental organizations to make menstrual products more affordable and accessible.

4. Community Engagement: Foster a supportive community where women and girls can share their experiences and find support.



Moderator: Baliqees Salaudeen, Bays Planet Foundation

Discussion Points:

1. Health Risks and Solutions:

2. Community Initiatives:

3. Innovative Solutions:

4. Advocacy and Policy:

Closing Remarks: Summary of key points discussed and a call to action for the audience to support menstrual hygiene initiatives (5 minutes)

Expected Outcomes:

1. Increased awareness about the challenges and solutions related to menstrual hygiene amidst high sanitary product prices.

2. Practical tips and alternatives shared with the audience to manage menstrual periods effectively.

3. Strengthened advocacy efforts for affordable menstrual products and supportive policies.

4. Enhanced community support and engagement on menstrual hygiene issues.

Hosting this Twitter Space discussion, Bays Planet Foundation aims to empower women and girls with knowledge and resources, advocate for necessary changes, and build a supportive community to address menstrual hygiene challenges in Nigeria.

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