Baliqees Salaudeen of BPF helps a child vegetable seller with a breathable nose mask

As the world grapples with the pandemic, in the early months of 2020, we solicited for funding and volunteers. We went into Kwara streets and did something for the people we consider most vulnerable to the virus.

Older men, selling by the roadside without nose masks until BPF’s #MaskUpKwara happened


In our collective efforts to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic which has raged many countries of the world, the wearing of nose masks has been made mandatory by the Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC). Since the start of the lockdown, domestic activities become harder and although lockdown rules are total in some states, the lockdown rules allow domestic activities of buying and selling to contain hunger during the spread of the virus.

In Kwara State, lockdown rules are not as threatening as it is in Lagos, Kano and other populated states of national importance. Therefore, a controlled form of movement is permitted which makes it essential to abide by all NCDC rules to contain the spread of the coronavirus amongst Kwarans. However, abiding by these rules are quite costly as materials to contain the spread are costly to afford.

Women, sellers, with their wares


It has been observed that many okada (motorcycle) riders, almarijis, market women and men do not use nose masks while going about their domestic activities. More so, vulnerable children are exposed to the risk of being infected by the virus because they cannot afford the safety measures essential for this provision.


Bays Planet Foundation, with the interest of protecting vulnerable persons, women, men and children; partners with PickThatThrash to distribute nose masks to those who do not use nose masks outside their homes. This was done in our collective gesture to support the effort by the Kwara State Government to contain the negative effect and spread of the scourge.

Kwara children with nosemask during the MaskUpKwara project.

On the set day, we made history with our partner and the society. We distributed 750 Nose Masks to Kwarans who are vulnerable children and households, almajiris, okada riders, car transporters, market women and men and others in the state. We additionally did the exercise to create income for artisans in the state. For the success of the event, we empowered five (5) Tailors to facilitate the production of the nose masks..

Founder, Baliqees Salaudeen, Bays Planet Foundation.

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